Teaching of Reading

Being able to read is the golden key to success and fulfilment in life. People who are not able to read are truly disadvantaged and have very limited opportunities at all in their lives.

Educational success and achievement at school is totally dependent on being able to read. The ability to read builds self-confidence, provides motivation and helps achieve goals.  Learning to read is vital as all success depends on it.

Bigland Green has a systematic way of teaching children to read which starts in the Nursery.

The Nursery provides a literacy rich provision.  Parents are encouraged to join in the ‘read to learn’ four days every week.  Children hear reading every day and join in the activities.  A strong emphasis on phonics through rhymes, language rhythms and stories provides a solid foundation for Reception.

In Reception, children build on their phonics skills and literacy repertoire.  From the Spring term they have ‘daily supported reading’ which prepares them for Year 1.

The Daily Supported Reading (DSR) is a key initiative in Year 1 to ensure that all pupils learn to read fluently and develop a love for reading.  The DSR works in conjunction with Reading Recovery (provided to the most vulnerable pupils) and FFT (Fischer Family Trust) intervention.

The school used the ‘Letters and Sound’ phonics programme.

Please click on this link to see how parents can help their children with and develop a love for reading.