Bigland Green is a community school which is managed by a governing body which has the collective responsibility for the strategic direction of the school. The Headteacher is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school and implementing the policies and procedures adopted by the governing body.  The governing body at Bigland Green comprises of the following:

  • 2 x Parent governors elected by the parents of the children on the school’s roll
  • 1 x Governors nominated by the local authority (LA)
  • 4 x Governors co-opted to ensure the necessary skills and experience to hold the school to account and provide the required support.
  • 1 x Headteacher
  • 1 x Staff members representing the teachers and the support staff working in the school

Member of the governing body take part in a range of school based activities to support and provide challenge; and hold the school accountable for improving the quality of teaching, pupils’ achievement and pupils’ behaviour and safety. Governors present a brief annual report to parents.

Names and photos of the current governors are displayed in the main foyer. Please click on this link for further details of individual governors, a record of attendance to meetings and declaration of interest.

Governors’ term of office and appointment details can by found on this link.

The governors’ handbook for 2023/24 can be downloaded from this link which include governors’ terms of reference.

Governors can be contacted through the school office. Written communication should be addressed to: The Chair of Governors, Bigland Green Primary School, Bigland Street, London E1 2ND.  Emails can be sent to Kindly add ‘FAO the Chair of Governors’ to the subject line.