Bigland Green expects that any issues or concerns related to online safety must follow the school’s safeguarding and child protection processes.  The school has a policy on online safety which is updated regularly.  The key messages are communicated through the school’s weekly newsletter, messages on the Parent Hub (a platform to communicate with parents and others), and Weekly Outlook (briefing for staff members and volunteers).

The school curriculum for computing has a clear and progressive online safety education programme.  This covers a range of skills and behaviours appropriate to pupils’ age and experience.  Online learning is planned carefully to ensure that it is age-appropriate and supports the learning objectives for specific curriculum areas.

Teachers remind pupils about their responsibilities through the pupil Acceptable Use Agreement(s), specific aspects of online safety as relevant.  Staff members model safe and responsible behaviour in their own use of technology, e.g.  use of passwords, logging-off, use of content, research skills, copyright.

Parents are provided with the necessary information and guidance to keep their children safe online outside the school.  The school is currently working on training parents to be ‘Computing Champions’ and build a strong culture of online safety for all pupils in the school.

Please click on this link if you would like to report a concern or a breach related to online safety affecting the school.

Staff members are advised to talk to the subject lead for computing if they want advice or guidance on a particular issue related to online safety.  They can also talk to the DSLs or their team leader as appropriate.

Parents are advised to talk to their child’s classteacher if they need advice or guidance.  Below are some links to general advice and guidance that you may find useful.