School Improvement Plan

Improvements identified by the school

1.  Quality of teaching, learning and assessment 1.1   Development of a ‘common language’ for the whole curriculum

1.2   Assessment information used by teachers with laser-sharp analysis to consistently move pupils in their learning

1.3   Subject knowledge through high quality and regular CPD

1.4   Sharing of good practice within and beyond the school

2.  Personal development, behaviour and welfare 2.1   Development and embedding of Big Thinking (P4C) across the curriculum

2.2   Management of low-level misbehaviour through the development of personal relationship and school policy

2.3   Development of children’s leadership team (CLT) to promote pupils’ voice for learning

3.  Leadership and management 3.1   Clear communication of expectations by leaders at all levels which is consistent and sustained

3.2   Effective use of ‘learning reviews’ to promote and support learning

3.3   Effective induction of existing and new staff with pedagogical issues

3.4   Building on the proactive engagement of governors and parents

4.  Outcome 4.1   Early language development, particularly in the EYFS and KS1

4.2   Regular review of the curriculum to ensure fit for purpose

4.3   Robust moderation of pupils’ learning

4.4   Development of effective partnership links with other schools

 A copy of the current School Improvement Plan (SIP) (January 2019 to July 2020) can be downloaded from this link.  A paper copy or a summary version is available from the school office.