Work Life Balance

Staff work-life balance is crucial to the success of the school, and over the past few years the school has developed effective systems to ensure that it is at the cutting edge of a healthy work-life balance for all staff members.  Please click on this link to see the measures taken by Bigland Green for a healthy work-life balance of staff members.

The delegated 1265 hours is spread out over the year (195 days) with 32 of the hours spared and to be used as required.  The school has a daily limit of two hours un-directed work time for teachers, and three for those on leadership role.  Teachers may have a preference for AM or PM for the un-directed time, but there needs to be a healthy balance between the two based on the learning needs and demands of job roles which they have.

Staff members are encouraged to raise any matters with their team leader or the headteacher at the earliest opportunity.  Asking for help/support is a sign of taking control of the situation and is encouraged by the school.