Telephone Number: 020 7702 7088

Please avoid calling at the beginning and end of the school day for pupils (8:50 to 9:10 AM and 3:20 to 3:40 PM) when phones may not be answered.  Kindly leave a message or call at a different time.


Bigland Green Primary School
Bigland Street
London E1 2ND

Nearest public transport

Nearest DLR station Shadwell, 2 minutes walk
Nearest Tube station Shadwell, 2 minutes walk
Whitechapel, 8 minutes walk
Nearest Main Line London Bridge, 20 minutes walk

Parents/carers are reminded to inform the school of any changes in their contact detail in writing.

Key people in the school office

Nazma Chowdhury – Office Manager
Salima Ali – Office Admin
Radeyah Iram  – Attendance Officer
Amina Ali – Finance Manager
John Anderson – Premises Manager

Learning Support Team

Elena Hunn – SENCO
Jorina Mala – Learning Mentor

For details of other staff members please see the page on ‘Classes’. Staff members can be contacted by email or telephone to the school office.