Meeting to Support Learning

At Bigland Green, parents and teachers work in strong partnership. Please click on this link to see the different ways in which parents and carers can form this partnership.

If parents want to discuss any issues related to their child’s education and learning then they are requested to talk to their child’s classteacher first. The child’s classteacher will be pleased to make an appointment at a mutually convenient time to discuss such matters within 10 school days.

Please avoid 8.45am to 3.35pm as that time is for the children. The Headteacher and the Team Leaders will also be very happy to follow up any issues. For day-to-day matters there is no need to make an appointment. The Headteacher is usually available either at the beginning or the end of the school day to meet parents and children.

The school encourages parents to meet teachers regularly to obtain reports on their child’s progress which will allow them to play an active part in their child’s schooling.

The school will respond and aim to resolve any issues at the earliest opportunity.  Depending on the nature of the concerns, most will be responded to within 10 school days.

Learning reviews by staff members

Staff members working with pupils have regular meetings (known as Learning Reviews) to evaluate progress and agree strategies for tackling any barriers.

Staff in every Year group meet daily (Daily Learning Reviews); Team Leaders meet teachers fortnightly; Team Leaders also meet the headteacher fortnightly to review progress.  All staff members are involved in half-termly pupil progress reviews.  Teachers also meet weekly to discuss and evaluate progress made by pupils on the ‘aiming for excellence’ programme.

Parent conferences

There are three scheduled parent conferences – one every term as detailed below.  The conferences are usually on a Thursday from 3:40 PM and on Friday from 2:10 PM.

October – usually on the last Thursday and Friday before the half-term.  The main aim is to discuss and agree key targets for the academic year.

February – usually after the half-term.  Parents are provided with a written annual report.

July – usually during 2nd/3rd week.  Parents are given an overview of pupils’ achievement.  The targets set in September are reviewed and evaluated.

Note: please note that if you want to find out how your child is doing or have a concern then see your child’s classteacher at the earliest opportunity as there is no need to wait for a parent conference.  Email addresses for teachers are available under ‘classes at Bigland Green’.