Curriculum Overview

Bigland Green believes that it is important to make learning meaningful, challenging and memorable for children.  The teaching units are carefully planned to enable our pupils to make connections and build on their knowledge and understanding within a context.  Teaching through a context for learning encourages the planning of ‘knowledge-rich’ experiences that inspire and bring joy and wonder to teaching and learning.  We believe that children draw from these rich experiences and this is reflected in the quality of education provided by the school.

Three key principles underpin the teaching approach at Bigland Green.  Firstly, there are planned opportunities to study and learn about the Fundamental British Values, which are known as the Big Values, preparing pupils to contribute to the British society now and in the future.  The values include understanding democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.   Secondly, Bigland Green is a Philosophy 4 Children school and our pupils are Big Thinkers.  This approach underpins all aspects of planning and teaching and pupils are challenged to ask big questions about what they are learning.  Finally, the Learning Vision is the bedrock from which all teaching and learning stems.

Through these processes, the school offers its pupils a broad and balanced curriculum that provides rigor and structure for acquiring knowledge within subjects, while also remaining flexible and responsive to individual and group attainment and need.  It is also flexible to allow teachers to express their own creativity in teaching.  How the curriculum will be interpreted and made irresistible in everyday teaching is the craft of the teacher.

“The purpose of curriculum is to build the architecture of long term memory.” 

~ Dylan William

Curriculum Overview

For a termly overview of the schools curriculum kindly click on this link.  The school curriculum is reviewed on an on-going basis.  Kindly ask in the school office for the latest version of the school curriculum document.

Read to learn

‘Read to Learn’ an initiative to promote reading across the curriculum which takes place on Tuesday to Friday between 9:00 and 9:15 AM.  Pupils read in their classes, older pupils read to younger children and everyone in the school community is involved in reading.  Parents are encouraged and welcome to take part in their child’s class or in another class as they wish.

Please note that the school office is closed during ‘Read to learn’.

Field Study Trip

All Year 6 pupils spend one week at a field study trip.  A field study trip is organised for Year 5 as well. For more information please ask in the school office.