Special Projects by Pupils at Bigland Green

This page showcases the creative and amazing special projects by pupils at Bigland Green. Whether it is a poem, picture or video, you can share your special projects with everyone! Have a look below to see the amazing content that pupils have created and shared. Enjoy!

“The Things I Miss The Most” created by Picture This Poem

An illustrated poem created by pupils and family during the school closures. This poem gives a voice to the youngest and often overlooked members of our community – the children.

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by Zahra Afreen, Ameerah Afreen & Family

Musa’s Dinosaur Valley

A creative dinosaur project made by one of our Nursery pupils at home, to showcase to his class and teachers during the school closure.




by Musa Ali & Family

Rainforest model by Eissa Hydrangea

Rainforest Model

Eissa made a rainforest model showing different plants and animals in different layers of the rainforest, which had been Year 4’s unit of learning during Spring.


by Eissa Huda

Musical instruments by Amaanah Hydrangea

Musical Instruments

Amaanah made a set of musical instruments at home which was linked to Year 4’s science learning about sound.


By Amaanah Ekram