Ethos and Values

At Bigland Green, we believe that it is essential for every child to have equal access to the curriculum. Therefore, all children, girls and boys will be expected to take part in all aspects of school life. We recognise the advantages of bilingualism and encourage the use and development of languages for promoting competencies in English. The children in Bigland Green are encouraged to develop strategies for challenging and questioning all forms of discrimination based on stereotyping.

All children and adults in Bigland Green have the right to be treated sensitively, supportively and with respect. Children are encouraged to sort out disagreements through discussion and discouraged from actions that lead to conflict. Positive behaviour is praised and celebrated. The school actively promotes the ‘Big Values’ often referred to as the fundamental British values.

We believe that all children are entitled to the best possible education, and that the education offered at Bigland Green should cater for the needs of all its pupils. We value and respect people from all backgrounds, and celebrate our multi-faith and multi-cultural school community. We expect children and adults to work and cooperate with each other. Racist, sexist or phobic behaviour is unacceptable and will always be challenged. We work together to ensure that the curriculum, resources and ethos reflect this positive attitude and are inclusive.