A Message from the Headteacher

Bigland Green’s mission is to educate pupils so that they become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.  The school takes pride in providing high quality learning and care to its pupils.

The teaching in the school harnesses children’s curiosity, encourages perseverance and provides a pathway to success in our fast-changing and inter-dependent world.  With the support of key stakeholders the school has mapped out the ways in which they can help implement the Learning Vision to achieve the mission of the school.

At Bigland Green, we instil in our pupils the fundamental values that are needed for being successful as individuals and as a society.  We teach our pupils to cope with success and challenges.  Pupils are equipped with skills that are essential for the world outside the school and beyond.  These are part of the school’s strong ethos and values.

You are very welcome to contact the school with any enquiries.

Enjoy surfing!

Abdul-Hayee Murshad