School Self-Evaluation

At Bigland Green, self-evaluation is based on a wide range of evidence which includes the following:

What What it involves How often Who are involved
MER – Monitoring, evaluation & review of improvement priorities Quality of planning and assessment

Evaluating quality of learning in pupils’ books

Learning in action

Pupil and teachers voice

Termly Leadership team / TLR post-holders / Leaders from partner school(s)
QE – Quality of Education Evaluating quality of teaching, learning and assessment by:

·   short observations of learning

·   evaluating learning in books

·   looking at planning and assessments

·   talking to pupils and staff

Termly Leadership team / TLR post-holders / Leaders from partner school(s)/ LA/ Governors
Assessment Information Analysing achievement and attainment information

·  RaiseOnline and performance table

·  API (attainment and progress information)

·  KPI (key performance indicators)

·  PTI (phonics tracking information)

·  Bigland Green Tracker














Leadership teams/ governors


Teachers/ TAs/Nursery Officers/LSAs




Teachers/ TAs/Nursery Officers/LSAs


Teachers/ Leadership team / governors

Big Conversation Discussions with parents and other key stakeholders


Questionnaires to key stakeholders






Parent governors


Pupils/ parents/ staff/ volunteers / governors

Governors’ Evaluation Learning walk Termly Governors
TLC – Teaching & Learning Conversations Evaluating the quality of learning


Impact of school policies


Consistency in practice

Daily Teachers and support staff in Year group
Weekly Team Leader with Year groups
Fortnightly Team Leader with individual teacher
Fortnightly HT with individual Team Leader
Half-termly Team Leader with Year groups
Termly Team Leader with Year groups + LS
Monthly HT/SLT with individual subject leader
Termly LA TIG and GB Committee

The information is used to update the school’s self-evaluation by leaders at all levels (e.g. subject leaders, school leaders and governors).  The self-evaluation is updated at least twice each academic year.  Please contact the school for a copy of the most recent self-evaluation.