Healthy Eating

Bigland Green provides healthy meals that are cooked daily on site. The food served is ‘halal’ and pupils have a choice of main course and pudding. Salad is always available.

The school also takes part in the national School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme which provides all children in Reception and pupils in Key Stage 1 with a piece of fresh fruit or vegetable each day. Pupils in KS2 are encouraged to bring a healthy snack, a piece of fruit or vegetable, for their break.

The school encourages pupils to have lunch at school so that they have the opportunity to socialise and interact with children outside their class.  Parents are very welcome to provide a pack lunch should they wish to do so.  Kindly click on this link to see what can be included in a healthy pack lunch or snack.

Some families may be entitled to free meals depending on their financial situation. It is important that you inform the school if you are entitle to free school meals as it affects the funding received by the school.

If you pay, please ask for the current prices in the school office (this is currently only applicable to parents of Nursery children).  Payments of school meal are usually collected in the office on Monday and Thursday mornings. Please note that payments cannot be taken in the afternoons once the banking has been done.