Sports Premium

Bigland Green believes that sports and health education is fundamental to a child’s success in life.  The benefits of physical education have been widely researched to show the positive impact for promoting physical competence, fitness, skill development, self responsibility, self esteem and knowledge of the learning process.

This fits in with the school ethos of promoting ‘Big Values’.  The school believes that delivering a high quality sports and health education will give children the best possible chance of leading a long and healthy life while maintaining a passion for physical activity and allow children to ‘Think Big’ about their lifestyle.

Good health is essential for educational and personal achievement at Bigland Green.  Governors allocate funds to ensure the provision for physical education is at the cutting-edge through specialist PE teaching and a designated Teaching Assistant for PE (PETA).  The specialist teacher and the PETA work across the school.

A brief report on the school’s sport funding premium for 2023/24 and an evaluation of the previous year can be downloaded from this link.