Online Learning for Pupils – January 2021 

All schools in the country are closed until further notice to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Bigland Green is open to cater for a small group of selected children. Please check this page for further updates to help support online learning for your child.

A reminder for parents to download the free ParentHub app from the iOS/Google play store. The school will be using ParentHub and this page to communicate important information.

Parent Guidance

Learning continues at home while the school is closed.

Please use the section below to access the home-learning for all year groups. You can also visit Children’s Area on this website for recommended educational resources as needed.

Online Learning

All children from Nursery – Year 6 have been provided with an Online Learning Pack.  Essentially it is an outline of learning in blocks of two weeks.  It ensures that the learning of high quality and is based on the school curriculum.  This link has more guidance and information.

If you have any question related to your child’s learning then please email stating your child’s full name and year group.

Click on the tabs below to access the planned online home-learning.

Week 1 and 2 – WC 4.1.21 & 11.1.21 –

Week 3 and 4 – WC 18.1.21 & 25.1.21 – Online learning packs have been uploaded below, please click on the Year group tabs

Year 6 – Orchid and Poppy

Week 3 and 4 – Online Learning Pack


Online Learning

Videos to support Week 3 and 4 online learning will be uploaded from Monday 18 January

Art and Design

Rebecca will be bringing more art and crafts videos to our site to help with online learning, so watch this space! Please watch and take part with the videos below and you can email any photos of your art work to for Rebecca to see!


Drawing Skills – Exploring the foundational skills needed for great art but helpful in a wide range of other subjects: fine motor control, concentration, and observation. Suitable for KS1 and 2.

Origami – Paper folding tutorials, the first lesson shows you how to make a perfect square from any rectangle of paper, great for art, design and mathematics. Suitable for KS2 and KS1 children with good finger skills.

Look, Sort, Create – A series about using everyday objects we find around us to create artwork. Very adaptable, fun for EYFS and KS1, but with some good skills to consolidate and deepen KS2 children’s understanding of visual arts.

STEAM – Linking art with science, technology, engineering and maths, this series will include building challenges, messy projects, and photo prompts. Suitable for KS2 and confident KS1.

Physical Education

PE with Salman! An enjoyable and fun way to take a break and join in on some engaging and energetic workouts. A great way to keep fit and do your daily exercise. Feel free to complete these workouts any day of the week. New videos will be uploaded daily. Suitable for all year groups at Bigland Green. Enjoy and stay safe!

Spanish Language

You have learnt so much Spanish this term! Let’s not forget it.
Week 3
This week we are looking at the colours in Spanish. Watch the video below first to practice and then do the drawing activity. Have fun and don’t forget to bring your drawing back to school when you return your learning packs!
Click on this document ‘El mundo al reves’ to help with your home learning.
Week 4
Please check here again next week.
Let’s not forget all the amazing learning that you have been doing in our Spanish lessons!

Online Learning Videos and Stories

This section consists of home learning videos created by class teachers to help support with learning. Kindly use this section and watch the videos with your child. Visit our Stories for Children page to watch and listen to stories read by staff at Bigland Green.

If you face an emergency or have an urgent need to reach the school then kindly email

If any families find that they need urgent help or are in an emergency situation then the school will do what it can to help.  School staff are keen to support families and the people in the wider community without compromising their own well-being and health.