CANDO Meetings

At the beginning of each term, teachers produce a brief outline of the planned work. A CANDO (Come And Find Out) meeting is arranged where you can ask questions about the planned work or any general issues.

At Bigland, we strongly believe that parents as children’s first educators are crucial to our success and achievements. We value and want to work in a partnership with parents and carers. Please become involved – a newsletter is sent home every Friday with information for you to read. The newsletter can be downloaded from the homepage.

The displays around the school also inform you of what is happening and how you can help. The school has a Parents Committee that meets regularly to discuss various issues. Parents Committee is formed in September each year. All parents are invited to Parents Committee meetings.

Parents are welcome to join in and help out with reading or preparation for assemblies. Parents are welcome to share their skills and expertise in the classroom as part of curriculum enrichment. Parents are welcomed to assemblies on Fridays at 9:05 every week when a class takes turns to share children’s work. Details of these assemblies and other events are included in the newsletter and displayed in the parents notice board outside the office.