Art and PE Home Learning

This page consists of special videos for whole school art and physical education. Videos will be uploaded from time to time so please keep an eye out for creative and engaging videos for your child to try at home. Click on the tabs below for each home learning content. Enjoy!

Art Home Learning

Drawing Skills –¬†Exploring the foundational skills needed for great art but helpful in a wide range of other subjects: fine motor control, concentration, and¬†observation. Suitable for KS1 and 2.

Origami – Paper folding tutorials, the first lesson shows you how to make a perfect square from any rectangle of paper, great for art, design and mathematics. Suitable for KS2 and KS1 children with good finger skills.

Look, Sort, Create – A series about using everyday objects we find around us to create artwork. Very adaptable, fun for EYFS and KS1, but with some good skills to consolidate and deepen KS2 children’s understanding of visual arts.

STEAM – Linking art with science, technology, engineering and maths, this series will include building challenges, messy projects, and photo prompts. Suitable for KS2 and confident KS1. (first lesson coming next week)

PE Home Learning

PE with Aktar! An enjoyable and fun way to take a break and join in on some engaging and energetic workouts. A great way to keep fit and do your daily exercise. Suitable for all year groups at Bigland Green. Enjoy!